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It's easy to order any service
through this app

IdealFix application allows the users to book any kind of house service through their smartphones easily without complexity and with simple steps.


Home Solutions in One Click

List of services available in the IdealFix app

Water proof service

IdealFix application is serving the best methods of warer proof for roofs and bathrooms by using the best materials and modern equipment under supervision of specialists in the field.

Painting services

IdealFix application provides you all kind of internal or external painting jobs for building, houses, flats and offices by professional workers

Satellite and CCTV services

IdealFix application provides you with all kind of satellite and CCTV services for houses, shops, and companies and covers all the areas in Bahrain with specialized and qualified team in the field.

Gypsum Jobs

IdealFix application provides you with the modern and best design of the gypsum that will add to your home the nice view.

Laundry service

You can get rid of this day and we will take over. All what you need is ordering from our application with free delivery.

Car Care services

IdealFix application has all kind of home car services. Our prices are competitive. We reach all areas in Bahrain.

Tiles and Parquet fixing services

IdealFix application has the professional workers and who have experience in tiles and parquet fixing jobs. They have all the criterias that you can looking fo

Carpet cleaning services

We are using the effective and safest detergents that kills germs and bacterias that are presented in carpets. In addition, we can eliminate the train and dusts by using automatic mechanical cleaning machines.

Plumbing services

IdealFix application is serving all kind of plumbing jobs under supervision of professional workers. Our services include repairing or exchange washbasins, toilets, kitchens, water leaks, shower boxes, fixing bathrooms and fixing water pumps and heaters.

Sofas cleaning services

Your sofas are the most common place that are used either in houses or offices. Therefore, they are highly exposed to dirties.

Houses, flats and offices cleaning services

IdealFix application team has the experience and proficiency that is needed to care of your house and office cleaning.

Water desalination services

Getting clean and healthy water became much easy with IdealFix application. We are fixing all kind of internal and external water desalination devices. In addition, we are ready to change the water desalination filters.

Water tank cleaning services

IdealFix application has the modern and creative solutions for water tanks cleaning. We are ready to clean all tank sizes to get a clean water. We have professional workers who have the best ways of water tanks cleaning.

Air condition services

IdealFix application is providing you cleaning and maintaining at home (without split removal) with high quality services by highly professional workers. Other services includes fixing and shifting air conditions.

Electricity services

IdealFix application is providing you all kind of electricity services including maintenance and repair of electricity switches, internal and external lighting. In addition, we do repair or exchange of all kind of kitchens and bathrooms exhaust fans, and more.